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5 Core Experiences

In the context of a holistic coaching relationship, the supervisor will develop career character in the intern with the following areas:

The intern will be encouraged to seek and build healthy relationships with supervisors, co- workers, volunteers, guests, friends, and family. The intern will also grow through a mentoring relationship with his or her supervisor in the context of a weekly coaching meeting.

The intern will be challenged to grow in a relationship with God.

The intern will receive meaningful, hands-on experience both to develop his or her skills and to add value to Breakthrough. The supervisor will develop at least 2 major projects for the intern to complete for the internship, and will coach him or her throught the duration of the projects.

The intern will mature in his or her understanding of leadership, non-profit work, urban ministry, and spiritual formation. The intern will read a small selection of books and will dialogue with his or her supervisor about the content of the materials read.

The intern will be expected to pursue and maintain a healthy lifestyle of personal rest and overall wellness.