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About Breakthrough Internships

The vision for internships at Breakthrough is to develop career character and practical career experience in students and aspiring non-profit workers.

Internships at Breakthrough are unpaid, can be either academic or non-academic, and can last from one month to one year. A variety of internships are available, ranging in focus from clinical to youth academics and homeless ministry to non-profit administration. Breakthrough also has a licensed social worker on site for students needing MSW supervision.

Each accepted intern will be matched with at least one primary staff supervisor in a program relevant to the student's interest. In the context of a coaching relationship with a primary supervisor, interns will develop career character holistically around 5 core experiences.

Learn more about the basic expectations of an internship at Breakthrough.

Interns can apply at anytime during the year (but typically during the fall, spring, and summer seasons), and will be evaluated for acceptance based on their career objectives and the availability of respective internships at Breakthrough.