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Our Staff


Arloa Sutter
Executive Director 773-722-1144 (x239)

Bill Curry
Chief Program Officer, Breakthrough Youth Network 773-722-1144 (x211)

Yolanda Fields
Chief Program Officer, Breakthrough Adult Support Network 773-722-1144 (x213)

John Smith
Chief Administrative Officer 773-722-1144 (x230)

Carolyn Velasquez
Office Manager 773-722-1144 (x232)

Yashika Wright
Administrative Assistant 773-722-1144 (x238)

Nate Howman
IT Coordinator 773-722-1144, (x277)

Chris Everett
Facilities Coordinator 773-346- 1774


Janet M. Milkovich
Chief Development Officer 773-346-1773

Jamie Lynn Ferguson
Associate Director of Communications and Marketing 773-346-1776

Alexandra Miller
Grants Coordinator 773-346-1782

Volunteer Engagement

Gretchen Schmidt
Director of Volunteer Engagement 773-346-1705

Tonisha Daniel
Volunteer Engagement Specialist 773-722-1772

Spiritual Transformation

Mike Murphy
Director of Spiritual Development 773-722-1144 (x237)

Breakthrough Youth Network

Andrea Williams
Associate Director, Breakthrough Youth Network 773-722-0179 (x222)

Kimberly Allison
Program Assistant 773-722-0179 (x218)

Amy Coles
Creative Arts and Sciences Coordinator 773-722-0179 (x229)

Gynger Garcia
Reading Specialist 773-722-0179 (x228)

Lisa Gwin
PreK-6th Grade Academic Coordinator 773-722-0179 (x218)

Derrius Colvin
Senior Sports Coordinator 773-722-0179 (x219)

Alex Cool
Techmission Program Assistant 773-722-0179

Taylor Hamstra
Techmission Program Assistant 773-722- 0179

Breakthrough Adult Support Network

Fresh Market / Food Service

Crystal Robinson
Associate Director of Food Services 773-346-1785 (x278)

Jauanda Eldridge
Food Services Coordinator 773-722-0179 (x214)

Tim Taylor
Breakthrough Driver

Homeless Intervention - Men

Martin Coffer
Associate Director of Homeless Intervention 773-346-1785 (x214)

Bill Anderson
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-346-1785 (x500)

Datron Mitchell
Men's Program Assistant 773-346-1785

Carl Felton
Men's Program Assistant 773-346-1785

Bruce Gartley
Men's Program Assistant 773-346-1785

Judy Cuchetto
Case Manager 773-346-1785 (x212)

Antonio Daniels
Case Manager 773-346-1785 (x220)

Teresa McHenry
Program Assistant 773.-346.1785 (x210)

Damen Morris
Program Assistant 773-346-1785 (x210)

Lorenzo Strickland
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-346-1785 (x500)

Homeless Intervention - Women

Cheron Massonburg
Associate Director of Homeless Intervention 773-722-0179 (x210)

Arlene Birks
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-722-0179 (x223)

Carolyn Crockett
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-722-0179 (x223)

Stephanie Eddington
Case Manager 773-722-0179 (x214)

Clara Porter
Program Assistant 773-722-0179

Kimberly Embery
Program Assistant 773-722-0179 (x223)

Tenisha Gibbs
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-722-0179 (x223)

Barbara Phillips
Dwelling Place Shelter Assistant 773-722-0179 (x223)

Lauren Cole
Case Manager 773- 722-0179 (x211)

Lisa Wiese
Qualified Mental Health Professional 773-722-0179 (x213)

Life Transforming Skills

Madelyn Bell
Behavioral Health Coordinator 773-722-0179 (x212)

Ja'Vida Ford 
Employment Coordinator 773-346-1722

Katie Dowling
Housing Specialist 773-346-1785 (x225)

Paul Luikart
Housing Coordinator 773-346-1785 (x215)