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Share the Spirit of Giving

It’s a great joy to give gifts to others, and many of us feel that in abundance at Christmastime. Unfortunately, for many of Breakthrough’s guests and neighbors, holiday gift-giving brings on an added stress with little money to spare.

For several years, volunteers like Don and Amanda have helped put on Breakthrough’s Annual Christmas Store, a venue where homeless guests and neighborhood families can purchase toys and other gifts at a very reasonable cost with earned “Breakthrough Bucks” or money. All proceeds help fund Breakthrough’s youth programs.

The Christmas Store couldn’t happen without the help of everyone who donates items for the store. “We are always blown away by the generosity of people who donate to the store. A lot of them are really just looking for a way to get involved,” says Amanda.

She and her husband, Don, also purchase gifts to donate for the Store. “It’s always a ton of fun for us. Instead of buying big gifts for each other, Don and I will pick out our favorite toys and electronics, and then we donate them to the Christmas Store. There are great sales on Black Friday for that!”

Get involved…and invite your church, office or group to help, too! Find out more.

Purchase items for the Christmas Store from our Target or Walmart wishlist.

Donate funds for Breakthrough to purchase items for the Store. (Type “Christmas Store” in the Notes section.)